Welcome to Oceanic Partners

Venture Capital investments focused on strong teams and fundamentals.

We leverage our experience to set the standard for investment performance.

Oceanic Partners is dedicated to making venture capital investments focused on strong teams and fundamentals, with meaningful opportunities for liquidity. The team at Oceanic has an unparalleled mastery of the private markets, both as successful principals as well as intermediaries. We have executed thousands of private transactions, valued at over $3 Billion, across hundreds of companies. Our nimble, intelligent investment approach is unconstrained by deal size, geography, "style box," and/or market phase.

Oceanic Partners channels its capabilities through the following core services:

Primary Investments

Oceanic Partners participates selectively in direct venture capital investments, at various stages of company development. For investors, the Company maintains an expansive reach and strong presence in the startup ecosystem, offering primary financing deal flow.

Select Services

Oceanic Partners extends a wide range of additional services on a select basis, including real estate single-asset syndications and purpose-built funds, lower to mid-market mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory, joint venture facilitation, consulting and value-add relationship sourcing and others.

Issuer and Stakeholder Solutions

Private enterprises are in the position to benefit from the highly specialized secondary liquidity solutions rendered by Oceanic Partners. As the private stage of the enterprise lifecycle extends to the better part of a decade on average, it will increasingly become incumbent on private enterprises to manage centralized liquidity programs that allow employees and other stakeholders to monetize their equity positions.

Secondary Markets

Oceanic Partners makes principal investments in secondary private market opportunities. In addition, we offer bespoke liquidity options for individual and institutional holders of private equity. Transactional types include direct brokerage, managed funds, single-name syndications, synthetic interest products, as well as structured employee equity compensation liquidity plans.

Portfolio Companies